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Latest News & Events

  • DRHC Redevelopment On The Home Stretch DRHC Entrance FAQ Construction work on the fourth and final phase of the Dauphin Regional Health Centre Redevelopment Project has continued into September. The final phase involves the total reconstruction of the front hospital entrance Read More
  • Importance of Family Meals Gearing up for the upcoming school year? As kids and parents get back into their routines, it is time to give pause and consider the importance of the family meal. Read More
  • Craving Change Fall Classes If finding ways to improve your eating tops your “to do” list this fall, Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) wants you to know about the Craving Change™ program and how you can get involved. Read More
  • Travel Related Measles Case in Manitoba The chief provincial public health officer confirmed that a travel-related case of measles has been reported in Manitoba. Measles is a highly infectious, communicable disease that is spread through droplets in the air formed when Read More
  • Carfentanil Alert April 24, 2019 - The presence of carfentanil, a highly toxic opioid drug, has been confirmed within the Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) region.  Although carfentanil has been found in Manitoba for some time, the health region Read More
  • What To Do When You Find A Needle A clean and safe community is everyone's responsibility. When it comes to "sharps" disposal which includes such items as needles, syringes, lancets and EpiPens, "think sharp, think smart." Learn the steps for safe needle disposal. Read More
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