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Latest News & Events

  • Indigenous Health Patient Advocate Meet Leah Phillips     Tell us about the Indigenous Health Patient Advocate. What key roles come with the positon? "The key role to the position is to support Indigenous patients that seek or are Read More
  • Midwifery Care within Prairie Mountain Health May 2022 Midwives provide care to people in their birth setting of choice. You can discuss the options to give birth out of hospital or in a hospital with your Midwife.  There are some restrictions Read More
  • Be Sun Safe June 2022 Sun safety means reducing harmful exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, while still being able to enjoy outdoors. UV radiation is invisible and can come from the sun or from other sources such as Read More
  • Critical Care Nursing Orientation Program (CCNOP) Attention: Acute Care NursesLooking for a new challenging career?Become a Critical Care Nurse! Join a supportive learning environment that willfully prepare you to work in an ICU. Comprehensive paid training. Prerequisite: CCNOP Rhythms Course Note: Read More
  • Minimize Risk of Tick Exposure Tick-borne diseases are the result of an infection by disease-causing agents such as viruses, parasites and bacteria that can be contracted through the bite of an infected tick. Take precautions to minimize risk of tick exposure. Read More
  • New Neepawa Health Centre Survey Last fall, the Government of Manitoba announced an investment in a new facility that will replace the current Neepawa Hospital. As part of planning for the new facility, input from health care workers, patients, caregivers Read More
  • Health Plus - PMH's Monthly Newsletter - Subscribe Now! HEALTH PLUS (HP) is Prairie Mountain Health’s public e-newsletter. The newsletter features the latest updates and information from within our region and stories promoting wellness tips and living a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t already Read More
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