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Other PCH Information

Other PCH Information


Can a Personal Care Home refuse an individual’s application?

Yes. A PCH may decline an individual’s application if the Home cannot meet the individual’s care needs safely. Any PCH that declines an application must provide reasons in writing to the Panel Chair (the Home Care Manager for the designated area). This will be carefully reviewed by the Panel Chair before a letter is sent to the individual/family to notify them of this.

What are my options if my application is denied?

If your application is denied for Personal Care Home for any reason, the Home Care Coordinator will discuss that decision with you and assist you with considering other options. The decision can be appealed by writing to the Manitoba Health Appeal Board.

How are Wait Lists Managed?

Generally, individuals are admitted to PCH based on the date they were paneled (placed on the wait list). Exceptions to this may occur when:

  • Acute care facilities in the area are full and there is a need to move individuals waiting placement in hospital
  • There are vacancies in the number of spaces in PCH that are to be designated for veterans and there is a veteran on the wait list
  • There are individuals in the community where maximum community resources from Home Care are not able to support their needs safely.
  • The available bed is not appropriate for the next applicant on the list (e.g. gender specific room, other resident safety concerns, etc)

If you have any questions about the wait list, please contact your Home Care Case Coordinator.

Where do I stay while waiting to get into my choice Personal Care Home?

Most individuals can be supported at home, while waiting to move into a PCH, in the care of family and Home Care.  If that is not possible, and you are having trouble managing at home, you may be required to waitfor your first choice home in a different facility withinPrairie Mountain Health. This is called ‘interim’placement.

You will begin to pay the charges forpersonal care, effective your panel date, when waiting ina Prairie Mountain Health facility. Your application remains on the list(s) for your choice of personal care home(s).