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Personal Care Homes

A Personal Care Home (PCH) provides 24 hour nursing and personal care for individuals who can no longer manage independently at home with family support and/or other community services such as Home Care.

All personal care homes in PMH are licensed and regulated by Manitoba Health to ensure the appropriate standards of care are maintained.


  • Services in a PCH
  • Medical Care
  • How Do I Get into a PCH
  • PCH Costs
  • Other PCH Information
  • PCH Locations
  • Tour A Facility

Services in a PCH


Personal Care Homes offer the following services:

  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Personal care
  • Basic medical supplies
  • Meals
  • Medications eligible under the Manitoba PCH program
  • Activities/recreation
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service

Staff may include nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, health care aides, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech language pathology, rehabilitation aides, recreation staff, social workers, mental health resource nurse, spiritual/pastoral care staff, dietitians, and pharmacists. 

Not all staff may be on site in all facilities. Other staff may be available for consultation as the need arises.

Other services such as hairdressing, foot care, etc may be be available at some PCH’s for a fee.

Medical Care


Every resident has medical care provided by a physician and/or a nurse practitioner (NP). There is access by telephone to advice from a physician for every PCH 24 hours a day, 365 days/year. Most providers see their residents as needed when they are making their regular visits to the PCH (weekly to monthly).

If you or your family have questions for your medical provider, please discuss these with the nurse and they can be brought to the attention of your provider on their next visit to the Home. If it is urgent, the nurse may reach the provider by phone.

How Do I get into a PCH?


In order to determine if Personal Care Home is an appropriate option, contact your local Home Care Coordinator who will visit you to help determine your need.

The Home Care Coordinator has information to share with you regarding Personal Care Homes and other options in your community. The Home Care Coordinator is also the professional that can help with making application to Personal Care Home when you require this level of care. They will explain the process for getting onto a wait list for PCH, discuss how that wait list is managed, and share other information as relevant.

A list of Home Care Coordinator offices in PMH is available by clicking here.


PCH Costs


Residential Charges

All residents of PCHs in Manitoba are required to pay a daily charge (collect monthly), which is set by Manitoba Health. The daily residential charge is determined by an assessment of the annual income of each resident and is re-evaluated by Manitoba Health annually in August.

To calculate the residential charges, please visit the Manitoba Health website.

Applicants admitted to hospital begin paying the residential charge once their application has been approved to the wait list.  All individuals waiting placement in hospital must move to the first available appropriate PCH bed in or as close to their home community as possible.

Applicants waiting in the community for a PCH bed begin paying the residential charge on the day they are admitted to any PCH.


Other Charges

There are some charges over and above the residential fee that are the responsibility of the resident.  Please click here.

Other PCH Information


Can a Personal Care Home refuse an individual’s application?

Yes. A PCH may decline an individual’s application if the Home cannot meet the individual’s care needs safely. Any PCH that declines an application must provide reasons in writing to the Panel Chair (the Home Care Manager for the designated area). This will be carefully reviewed by the Panel Chair before a letter is sent to the individual/family to notify them of this.

What are my options if my application is denied?

If your application is denied for Personal Care Home for any reason, the Home Care Coordinator will discuss that decision with you and assist you with considering other options. The decision can be appealed by writing to the Manitoba Health Appeal Board.

How are Wait Lists Managed?

Generally, individuals are admitted to PCH based on the date they were paneled (placed on the wait list). Exceptions to this may occur when:

  • Acute care facilities in the area are full and there is a need to move individuals waiting placement in hospital
  • There are vacancies in the number of spaces in PCH that are to be designated for veterans and there is a veteran on the wait list
  • There are individuals in the community where maximum community resources from Home Care are not able to support their needs safely.
  • The available bed is not appropriate for the next applicant on the list (e.g. gender specific room, other resident safety concerns, etc)

If you have any questions about the wait list, please contact your Home Care Case Coordinator.

Where do I stay while waiting to get into my choice Personal Care Home?

Most individuals can be supported at home, while waiting to move into a PCH, in the care of family and Home Care.  If that is not possible, and you are having trouble managing at home, you may be required to waitfor your first choice home in a different facility withinPrairie Mountain Health. This is called ‘interim’placement.

You will begin to pay the charges forpersonal care, effective your panel date, when waiting ina Prairie Mountain Health facility. Your application remains on the list(s) for your choice of personal care home(s).


PCH Locations

Within Prairie Mountain Health there are 43 Personal Care Homes with 2,003 beds.

See our listing below.


Town Name/Address Phone # of Beds                                      
Baldur, MB Baldur Manor
531 Elizabeth Ave E. Box 128
Baldur, MB R0K 0B0 
Ph: 204-535-2373 20                                      
Benito, MB Benito Health Centre
200 1st Street, SE.  Box 490
Benito, MB R0L 0C0
Ph: 204-539-2815  20                                      
Birtle, MB Sunnyside Manor
843 Gertrude Street, Box 2000
Birtle, MB R0M 0C0
Ph: 204-842-3317  20                                      
Brandon, MB Dinsdale Personal Care Home
510 6th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 3N9
Ph: 204-727-3636  60                                      
  Fairview Home
1351 13th St
Brandon, MB R7A 4S6
Ph: 204-578-2600  248                                      
  Hillcrest Place Personal Care Home
903-26th Street
Brandon, MB R7B 2B8
Ph: 204-728-6690  100                                      
  Rideau Park Personal Care Home
525 Victoria Avenue E
Brandon, MB R7A 6S9
Ph: 204-578-2670  100                                      
  Valleyview Care Centre
3015 Victoria Avenue
Brandon, MB R7B 2K2
 Ph: 204-728-2030  89                                      
Boissevain, MB Evergreen Place
305 Mill Road Box 899
Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0
 Ph: 204-534-2451  20                                      
  Westview Lodge
200 Struthers Street, Box 819
Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0
 Ph: 204-534-2455  39                                      
Carberry, MB Carberry Personal Care Home
340 Toronto Street, Box 2000
Carberry, MB R0K 0H0
Ph: 204-834-2144  36                                      
Dauphin, MB Dauphin Personal Care Home
625-3rd Street SW
Dauphin, MB R7N 1R7
Ph: 204-638-3010  90                                      
  St. Paul’s Home
703 Jackson Street
Dauphin, MB R7A 2N2
Ph: 204-638-3129  70                                      
Deloraine, MB Bren-Del-Win Lodge
103 Kellett Street, Box 447
Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Ph: 204-747-1826  30                                      
  Delwynda Court Personal Care Home
109 Kellett Street, Box 447
Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Ph: 204-747-2754  16                                      
Elkhorn, MB Elkwood Manor
12 Antrim Street, Box 70
Elkhorn, MB R0M 0N0
Ph: 204-845-2575  24                                      
Erickson, MB Erickson & District Health Centre
60 Queen Elizabeth Rd, Box 250
Erickson, MB R0J 0P0
Ph: 204-636-7777  16                                      
Gilbert Plains, MB Gilbert Plains Health Centre
100 Cutforth St. N,  Box 368
Gilbert Plains, MB R0L 0X0
Ph: 204-548-2161  30                                      
Glenboro, MB Glenboro Personal Care Home
219 Murray Avenue, Box 310
Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0
Ph: 204-827-2438  20                                      
Grandview, MB Grandview Personal Care Home
308 Jackson St, Box 130
Grandview, MB R0L 0Y0
Ph: 204-546-2769  39                                      
Hamiota, MB Birch Lodge Personal Care Home
177 Birch Avenue
Hamiota, MB R0M 0T0
Ph: 204-764-2412  30                                      
Hartney, MB Hartney Community Health Centre
617 River Avenue, Box 280
Hartney, MB R0M 0X0
Ph: 204-858-2054  20                                      
Killarney, MB Bayside Personal Care Home
86 Ellis Drive, Box 5000
Killarney, MB R0K 1G0

Ph: 204-523-4661


McCreary, MB McCreary/Alonsa Personal Care Home
613 Government Rd Allowance,  Box 250
McCreary, MB R0J 1B0
Ph: 204-835-2482  20                                      
Melita, MB Melita Personal Care Home
147 Summit Street, Box 459
Melita, MB R0M 1L0
Ph: 204-522-8197  20                                      
Minnedosa, MB Minnedosa Personal Care Home
138-3rd Avenue SW, Box 960
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Ph: 204-867-2569  50                                      
Neepawa, MB Country Meadows Personal Care Home
500 Veterans Way, Box 1240
Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0
Ph: 204-476-2383  100                                      
Reston, MB Willowview Personal Care Home
523-1st Street N, Box 250
Reston, MB R0M 1X0
Ph: 204-877-3925  20                                      
Rivers, MB Riverdale Personal Care Home
512 Quebec Street
Rivers, MB R0K 1X0
Ph: 204-328-5321  20                                      
Roblin, MB Crocus Court Personal Care Home
15 Hospital Street, Box 940
Roblin, MB R0L 1P0
Ph: 204-937-2149  60                                      
Rossburn, MB Rossburn Personal Care Home
116 Parkview Drive, Box 40
Rossburn, MB R0J 1V0
Ph: 204-859-2413  20                                      
Russell, MB Russell Personal Care Home
113 Arsini Street E, Bag Service #2
Russell, MB R0J 1W0
Ph: 204-773-3117  40                                      
Sandy Lake, MB Sandy Lake Personal Care Home
106-1st Street W, Box 7
Sandy Lake, MB R0J 1X0
Ph: 204-585-2107  35                                      
Shoal Lake, MB Morley House Personal Care Home
526 Mary Street, Box 490
Shoal Lake, MB R0J 1Z0
Ph: 204-759-2336  40                                      
Souris, MB

Souris Personal Care Home
155 Brindle Avenue E, Box 10
Souris, MB R0K 2C0

Ph: 204-483-2121  43                                      
Ste. Rose, MB Dr. Gendreau Personal Care Home
515 Mission St., Box 420
Ste. Rose, MB R0L 1S0
Ph: 204-447-2019  65                                      
Swan River, MB Swan Valley Lodge
1013 Main Street, Box 1450
Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0
Ph: 204-734-3441  70                                      
  Swan River Valley Personal Care Home
334-8th Avenue S, Box 1390
Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0
Ph: 204-734-4521  45                                      
Treherne, MB Tiger Hills Manor
64 Clark Street, Box 130
Treherne, MB R0G 2V0
Ph: 204-723-2133  22                                      
Virden, MB Sherwood Nursing Home
223 Hargrave Street E, Box 2000
Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Ph: 204-748-1546  46                                      
  West-Man Nursing Home
427 Frame Street E, Box 1630
Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Ph: 204-748-4335  50                                      
Wawanesa, MB Wawanesa Health Centre
506 George Street, Box 309
Wawanesa, MB R0K 2G0
Ph: 204-824-2335  20                                      
Winnipegosis, MB Winnipegosis & District Personal Care Home
230 Bridge Street, Box 280
Winnipegosis, MB R0L 2G0 
Ph: 204-656-4881  20                                      


 Virtual tours are now available for four Personal Cares Homes located in Brandon. Click the videos to take a tour.


Dinsdale Personal Care Home


Fairview Personal Care Home


Hillcrest Personal Care Home


Rideau Park Personal Care Home