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WMCC Clinical Trials

Clinical trials (research studies) assist in answering scientific questions regarding ways to prevent, treat, and/or manage diseases including cancer.  Once a clinical trial has proven to be effective in the lab and on animals the clinical trial moves on to volunteer participants to evaluate whether or not the promising treatment is safe and effective in humans. 

The conduct of clinical trials leads to new standard of care treatments for all diseases including cancer.  Standard of care treatments currently in place are there because research has proven that they are the best known treatments at this time. 

Here at the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre we are able to offer patients a limited number of clinical trials.  Additional trial participation options exist within Manitoba and Canada and a complete listing of these trials can be found at:

For more information regarding trials being conducted at WMCC or for trials being conducted in Manitoba please contact:

Clinical Research Nurse

Western Manitoba Cancer Center

Ph:  204-578-2108   or   204-245-1111